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Being a middle school girl has rarely felt so challenging and confusing as it does today, with crises  exploding around loneliness, mental health, social media, and gender and identity issues.


As a former middle school teacher and mom of six, Kelsey Scism knows how much girls need help navigating these changes and challenges. Guiding them through each week of the year, this hands-on devotional includes Scripture, real-life application, reflective questions, journaling space, and prayer prompts. Readers will begin to develop an independent faith as they:


  • apply Bible verses to real-life problems they face

  • discover the source of their true identity and self-worth

  • stay anchored in Jesus in the face of pain or heartache

  • connect deeply with their Creator


This in-between space is hard—but it’s also beautiful. Because it’s here where God shapes the girl she once was into the woman He created her to be.

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Preorder using any of the links below and get these special bonuses:
an exclusive Conversation Connections resource for moms
and printable Scripture Cards for the girls.

Click HERE to claim the bonus material after preordering.
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