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5 Prayers for a New School Year

Heavenly Father,

I’m sending my kids out the door for a new school year. And though I know they are in good hands, they still are not my hands. God, I know you love my children and no matter where they go, you hold them in your hands. Sometimes I forget that they were yours before they were mine and that you love them with a deep, unconditional love.

Lord, I pray that you would go before them—on the bus, in their classrooms, through the hallways, on the playground, in the gym, on the practice field, in the lunchroom—wherever this year might take them. I trust that you will be with them in every situation. Help me let go of them and hand them over to you. Thank you for your endless love and the assurance that you will never leave them or forsake them.

I pray this in the name of Jesus, who said let the little children come to me,




Today I pray over my children’s friendships. I know that in Jesus we find the very best friend we could ever have, and I am so grateful for that. But, God, I also know we were created for fellowship with each other, for friendship. And I pray that you would help my children build friendships that honor you. Help them find friends who will encourage them and love them for who they are. And help them to love in return.

Lord, if they find themselves feeling lonely, fill their souls as only you can do and then lead them to the friendships you have designed them for. Thank you for your great love and for providing earthly friendships that meet our need for fellowship.

In Jesus’ Name,



All-knowing, all-powerful God,

You created the world in seven days. You built up the mountains and carved out the valleys. You breathed life into Adam and then Eve. And you created each of my children with purpose and intention. Lord, I pray that this year they would discover the unique talents and skills you have woven into their very beings. And I pray they would use them to bring honor and glory to you. In the classroom, on the court or on the field, in their activities, in everything they do—I pray they would work hard for you.

Thank you for the gift my kids are to me and thank you for giving each of them sweet gifts to bring you glory. Help them see just how wonderful they are because they’ve been created by you.

In Your will, through Your power, and for Your glory,



Sovereign God,

Your Word tells us that not even a sparrow falls to the ground outside of your will. This gives me the assurance that you are in control of this school year, that you have carefully designed the days, even the moments. I also trust that you have put my child in this specific classroom with this specific teacher for a reason.

Today, I pray for those teachers. Give them the strength and energy to greet each day. Give them the time they need to recharge and refocus at the end of each week. Give them patience for the hard days and fill their hearts with joy on the good. Help them know they are loved and show me ways I can make them feel appreciated. Thank you for creating them to teach, may they be filled with passion and purpose.

In Jesus' Name,



Almighty God,

You are our refuge and our ever-present help in times of need. Thank you for your constant presence in our lives. We live in a sinful and broken world that sometimes feels scary. As I send my kids out into that world, ease my anxiety and remind me you are with them.

Lord, I ask for your protection over them—on their way to and from school, in their classrooms, and anywhere their days might lead them. I pray for their physical protection, that your strong and mighty hands would surround them and keep them safe. I pray for their emotional and mental safety as well, that the heaviness of this world would not weigh down their hearts. I pray that you would place people in their paths who would help guard and protect them. Thank you, Father, for your always watchful eyes and your love for my children. God, please keep them safe

In Your will, through Your power, and for Your glory,


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