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Best Advice for Marriage, Parenting, Life? Love Like Jesus.

Recently, I sat at a baby shower with my 13-year-old daughter next to me. We were given cards on which to write some advice for the mom-to-be. My daughter quickly filled hers out with an offer to babysit . . . while I sat staring at my blank card.

I tend to feel pressure when it comes to things like this. After all, I have five kids, so I should be filled with parenting advice up to my ears. I’m a writer, so I should also be filled with perfect words for the new mom. Yet, there I sat—empty, unsure of what advice to give.

Finally, I wrote:

Love your baby.

Love your husband.

Love yourself.

Love the One who created you for each other.

The more I think about my own advice, the more I realize how important it is.

And how often I fail to follow it.

I get so caught up in planning schedules and packing lunches, I forget about love. I spend so much of my time meeting needs, I forget about hearts.

This week, I’m focusing on Paul’s words to the Colossians. As he instructed them how to live for Christ, he told them to clothe themselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, and forgiveness. I need this reminder of what love looks like.

Compassion instead of disinterest.

Kindness instead of anger.

Humility instead of selfishness.

Gentleness instead of harshness.

Patience instead of annoyance.

Forgiveness instead of criticism.

Best parenting advice? Best marriage advice? Best life advice?


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