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Don't Let Fear Win, Taking Risks to Follow God's Plan

It was cook’s choice day for school lunch. My kids generally like school lunch but there are days when they take their lunches because they don’t like what’s on the menu. I asked my eight-year-old what he was thinking—whether he would like to eat at school or take his lunch. He thought about it for a second, and then responded with, “I’ll take my lunch, I don’t want to risk it.”

I heard my heart in his words. I say that same thing to God sometimes, too, “I don’t know what your plan is, God, so I’ll make my own. I don’t want to risk it.” Instead of taking a chance, trusting that what God has on the menu is good and perfect for me, I avoid His plan and look for my own way. I ignore the prompting I feel in my soul and instead follow the persuasion of the safe and rational.

While it is true that God gave us a sound mind with the ability to use reason and logic, it’s also true that He leads us into places where only He can see the purpose. When I avoid those places, I fail to “fan into flame” the gifts He's uniquely given to me. Instead of embracing the power, love, and self-control given by the Holy Spirit, I succumb to fear. Instead of taking risks for the Lord, I sit quietly in safety—and the Holy Spirit’s power inside me reduces to a low flicker rather than a flame.

Friends, can we make a commitment this week? Can we agree to fan into flame the gifts God has given us through the Holy Spirit’s work in us? Can we look for the places in our lives where God is asking us to take risks for Him? And, then, go there.

Let’s not take our own lunch because of the fear of risk. No. Let’s step forward in faith, trusting He will give us the spirit of power, love, and self-control we need to do what He has planned for us.


I’m sorry for giving in to fear, for shying away from the risks you’ve prepared for me. Help me remember that fear has no power when the risk I’m taking was designed by You. Father, ease my spirit and help me trust You even when I can’t see what Your plan is. I want to be obedient and follow Your will for me. Thank You for the gifts You have given me, help me use them well.

In Your will, through Your power, and for Your glory,


*Want to join me in meditating on God’s Word this week? Save these words as your lock screen. Write them on a notecard and place them somewhere you’ll see them during your day. Throughout the week, recite them to your kids, your spouse, or a friend. When we focus on His word, He will use it to produce results in our lives.

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