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Fighting Anger by Shifting My Focus to the Hope of Eternity with God

I get angry. Over big things. And over stupid, little things. Mostly the latter.

I get angry because a clothing store’s dressing rooms aren’t open. I get angry because my husband forgets to put the tater tots in the oven. I get angry when my kids don’t put their stuff away. I get angry because they fight, whine, and complain. I get angry when my toddler gets into things he shouldn’t. I get angry when someone doesn’t do what I’ve asked. I get angry when I don’t get as much done as I think I should have.

Apparently, I get angry a lot.

And that anger doesn’t do me a lot of good. In fact, it usually leads me to lashing out, which does more harm than anything. Then, I find myself needing forgiveness not only for my anger, but also for my reaction.

Unfortunately, I can’t just turn off the angry switch in my brain, but I can refocus my mind and heart. My anger is often triggered by and directed at the problems of this world. Maybe I can shift my attention from the temporary garbage of this life to the constant joy of eternal life with my Savior.

Instead of getting angry at the virus that has disrupted so much of our lives (and caused far greater devastation than unopened dressing rooms), I can remember that in Heaven there will be no more sickness.

Instead of getting angry at the people in my life when they disappoint me, I can remember that God is faithful in every way and incapable of disappointing me. His glory and purpose is greater than anything I can even imagine.

Instead of getting angry at myself for what I feel like are constant failures, I can remember that my Savior died in my place, that He took the punishment my sins deserve, so that I can be made pure and clean in my God’s eyes.

I will try to replace my anger with God’s hope. I will be reminded that this life is temporary and fleeting, but my relationship with the Lord lasts forever.

And I’ll fail. I know I’ll find myself stuck in anger again. But I also know a God who will never give up on me. I know a Holy Spirit who will convict me of my sin and give me the strength to fight it. And I know a Savior who died once so that each time I fail, forgiveness is offered.


I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I continually allow the emotion of anger to seep into my heart and overflow into my actions. Forgive me and help me turn from this sin. Help shift my focus from anger to hope, from temporary to eternal, from my sin to Your glory. Thank You for the way You love me and never give up on me.

In Your will, through Your power, and for Your glory,


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