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Lord, Help Me Linger as You Fill My Heart and Refresh My Soul

My alarm went off. I reached for my phone to silence it. Though I was awake, ready to begin the day, I lingered just a little while longer. The house was quiet. I knew if I climbed out of bed then, I’d be able to get some work done in peace, but instead, I lingered.

My daughter came into my room and crawled into my bed. I rubbed her back as she snuggled under the blankets. Soon, her older brother climbed in, too. I felt the need to push them out, to push forward with our day, but instead, I lingered.

“Want to read a book?” I asked. She returned with a stack of them. I read the first and thought about the things that needed to be done. I looked at my watch and realized the day was already ticking away. She chose another book, and I lingered.

I don’t regret that time this morning with books scattered atop my bed and kiddos snuggled next to me. The dishes and laundry and even writing these words didn’t take care of themselves and I had fewer minutes with which to get them done, but I’m glad I lingered.

I wonder if that was the lesson Jesus was trying to teach Martha—to linger. He told her that her sister Mary chose what was better, to sit at the feet of Jesus, to listen, to linger.

I need this lesson too.

I read my Bible in the morning, but I don’t linger. I finish the chapter I’m in and move on to the first thing on my list. I spend time with God’s word, but I don’t linger.

I pray each night, moving through a list of requests and praises, but I don’t linger. My prayers are often blunt and to the point. Too often, I forget to leave space and moments for God to speak—my prayers are monologues, not conversations. I spend time in prayer, but I don’t linger.

I connect with God in moments throughout the day, but I don't linger. I spit out requests and briefly send up thank yous. I cross paths with God, but I don’t linger.

“. . . but few things are needed— or indeed only one” and maybe that’s lingering. Sitting in the presence of God, making time to simply be, to stay, to make other things wait.


Help me linger. Help me make time to slow down and sit in your presence. I’m sorry for rushing through our time together. Thank you for showing me the importance of sitting with you. When I linger, I pray you would fill my heart and refresh my soul.

In your will, through your power, and for your glory,


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