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Stop Limiting God and Discover the Power of Confident Prayer

I used to keep a notebook near the kitchen table. On the days I remembered, I would grab it during lunch to force myself to think and reflect. One of the things I wrote down were prayers I’d been bringing to God throughout the day or week with the hopes that someday to be able to go back and note all the ways they’ve been answered.

On one of the days I remembered to do it, I sat with my notebook next to me. After listing three or four requests in my prayer section, I stopped and put the pen down.

Mid-bite into my turkey sandwich, I remembered another prayer and then another. I reached for the pen and thought, I’ve already written several, that’s probably enough. I should stop for today.

And that’s how I limit God.

I decide three or four prayer requests are fine, but more than five is just too much. Whether it’s because I think God can’t handle all that’s on my heart or because I don’t want to bother Him anymore, I set limits on the great I Am.

Kind of ridiculous, huh?

We serve an almighty, all-powerful God who can not only handle all our prayers but who wants to hear from us. He wants a relationship with us—including open, honest, and complete communication. Because of Christ’s death on the cross, we can be confident in approaching our Father. And we can have the assurance that no matter how many requests we have, when we ask according to His will, He hears us.

And so, friends, let’s not limit our God. Let’s pound on the gates of Heaven, let’s rest in His loving arms, and let’s take all our prayers—each and every one—to Him, trusting He will hear us.

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