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The Changing Seasons Remind Us of God's Greatness

The seasons are changing here in Northeast Kansas—well, sort of. This past week we had a day of temperatures reaching nearly 100° and then less than 48 hours later they dropped to the 50s and then 48 hours after that back up to 80°. It seems we’re moving back and forth between summer and fall as if someone is flipping a switch.

If I were in control of that switch, I’d set it at 75° and turn it to spring when everything is fresh and green. I’m not sure I’d ever flip on the winter switch.

I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not in charge of that job, though. Some of you would be deprived of flannel and pumpkin spice season; you’d miss the falling leaves and crisp air of fall. Others might be upset by the absence of blankets of snow and long for the warmth of hot chocolate. In my selfishness and love of spring, I’d deprive others of the joys of their favorite seasons.

Today, I’m reminded of who does control the seasons. I’m reminded that God created this world and designed each season with specific purpose. And I’m reminded of just how awesome God is. How thoughtful and thorough He is—the changing of the seasons is necessary in so many ways (beyond giving each of us a chance to enjoy our favorite). Living in a rural, farming community helps me to see this more clearly. Each season is important in its own way—from the new life of spring, to the growth of summer, to the harvest of fall, to the rest and reset of winter.

So as the seasons change and we see the physical evidence of God’s power and design, let’s stop and worship Him. Let’s remember who is in control of this shift and give Him praise. After all, the shorter days and longer nights of fall are His. He established the sun and the moon and tells them when to rise and fall. He designed and set the boundaries of the earth. And He flips the switch as summer turns to fall. He is worthy of our praise. The changing seasons reflect His glory. Each moment is held in His hands and His plan is perfect.


You are the God of creation not only in the beginning when you formed the dry land and the seas and the heavens. But you are the God of the changing seasons too. Your design is perfect. You are so amazing. Thank you for the reminder to praise you and give you glory in this in-between place.

Help me see your beauty reflected in the changing colors and falling leaves. Help me see your power as the temperatures rise and fall. Help me trust in your plan as fall fades into winter and accept the necessity of each and every season—not just the seasons of the earth but also the seasons of life. Thank you for the way you love me and for the gift it is to watch the seasons change.

In Jesus' Name,


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