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When I Don't Know What Lies Ahead, I Find Peace In Knowing that God Does

My kids splashed in the pool, the baby laid on my lap, my husband sat in the sticky pool chair beside me. His phone rang, my husband glanced at the number and stood to leave the steamy, loud, chlorine-heavy indoor pool. When he walked back through the door, I knew something was wrong.

One year ago today, our undefeated high school girls’ basketball team won their first-round game at the state tournament. But those seniors had played their last game without realizing it.

I didn’t know the impact of that phone call, but God did.

I sat on the hotel bed, my ears glued to the TV as ESPN reporters revealed that March Madness had been canceled, my eyes glued to my phone as I read article after article about “the virus.”

I didn’t know how that virus would affect every single thing we had thought to be normal, but God did.

Before leaving Hutch, I ran to the store out of fear. Did we have enough toilet paper? How many boxes of diapers should I buy? The news screamed that we needed to stock up, be prepared. For what? I wasn’t really sure.

I didn’t know that fear and uncertainty and confusion would become daily emotions, but God did.

My husband, a high school principal, was on his phone much of the next 24 hours as calls and texts poured in. We headed back to enjoy our spring break at home, and every day that passed took us closer to the announcement that Kansas schools were closed for the remainder of the school year.

I didn’t know how the absence of school would challenge both me and my kids every single day, but God did.

We settled into a more relaxed pace with no spring sports, concerts, or end-of-school activities. We took walks together almost every night. We had fire pits on school nights. A treehouse appeared in our backyard. We drove into town for cruise night, eating popcorn, waving at teachers, and shouting to friends.

I didn’t know the joy that could come out of such a difficult, life-changing season, but God did.

One year ago today, I had no idea what was happening or how it would change our world, but God did.

And you know what? He knows exactly where we’ll be 365 days from today. He knows the challenges we’ll face and the joy we’ll find. We’ll be reminded of His presence in the past, the way He walks beside us in the present moment, and the fact He already knows what lies ahead.

I have no idea what the next year will hold, but I find peace in knowing that God does.

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