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When Life Is Comfortable It's Hard to Feel God's Presence

I’ve often heard life described as a roller coaster, full of ups and downs. And I agree . . . sort of.

I’ve been at the peak of the coaster, celebrating accomplishments and soaking in God’s goodness. I’ve also been in the dips after a fast fall, facing struggles and trials found at the lowest point of the track, clinging to God’s faithfulness and promise to work all things for the good of those who love Him.

In both the highs and the lows, God’s presence was real and strong.

But right now, I’m in neither of those places. I’m not up; I’m not down. It feels more like moving steadily across flat land. The track in front of me stretches to the horizon, and it’s hard to tell whether a dip or a peak lies ahead of that.

Life is a roller coaster but with level stretches of track lying between the peaks and valleys.

And in this stretch of flat ground when life is comfortable, it’s almost harder to feel God’s presence.

I know He’s there. He’s walking beside me, keeping the same pace, but it’s a quiet walk—calm, fairly straightforward, and almost boring.

I’m not at the peak, lifting my hands in praise of the amazing, impossible things He has done. I’m not on my knees begging him to help me through the valley, either.

I’m just here. Walking. Moving. Going through the motions of the routine, everyday, mundane walk on flat ground.

So what are we to do when life is just ordinary with no ups or downs that have us reaching for God? I think we just keep showing up.

We open our Bibles and read and learn.

We soak in the familiarity of God’s Word and store it in our hearts for the high and low moments that will inevitably come.

We continue to pray.

We thank God for His goodness as we walk this flat path in front of us, appreciating the smoothness and chance to catch our breath from the ups and downs we’ve faced. During this stretch of mundane, we ask Him to prepare our hearts for His plans.

We look for ways to serve.

Not consumed by our own wild ride, we look around for those above us on the peaks and celebrate with them, praising God for the wonderful things He has done in their lives. We look down and see those who are struggling in the valley and lift them up in prayer as we walk along flat ground. We veer to the side of our own wide road to find a way to serve them—taking a meal, writing a note, sending flowers, or simply offering to sit beside them for a short time as we are in no rush to reach our own peak or crawl out of our own valley.

Friends, if you are walking this flat ground beside me today, I want to encourage you to keep showing up. Don’t forget your need for the Lord even in this comfortable, smooth, unremarkable terrain.

He continues to walk beside you regardless of your awareness of His presence.

Show up. Stay connected to the Lord through His word, prayer, and opportunities to serve. Give Him your steps as you walk over the flat ground as He prepares your heart for the highs and lows ahead.


Thank you for this time of relative calm. Help me remember that You are just as present in my life in the middle of this flat stretch as You are through the peaks and valleys. I want to keep showing up for You so You can use me during this time. Holy Spirit, give me the desire to read and study the Bible and reveal Your steadfast love in it. Use this time to prepare my heart for the seasons ahead. Help me serve others as I have the time and ability to do so. Thank You for walking beside me.

In Jesus’ Name,



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