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When Our Weary Souls Are Tired, We Trust in Our Strong God

I remember writing a piece in the middle of the pandemic lockdowns almost two years ago titled, “Even My Soul is Tired.” It was such a time of pure weariness and confusion and struggle. Don’t get me wrong, there was also beauty to be found: nightly walks as a family, kitchen dance parties, and the time and space to simply be. But stuck in the middle of those months, the weariness often overshadowed the beauty.

I remember naively thinking that if only this pandemic would disappear, life would go back to normal again and we’d all be happy.

But we don’t live in a “we’d all be happy” kind of world, do we?

Two years later, the struggles have changed but the weariness remains. The world still feels ugly and out of control, full of more anger and divisiveness than love and unity.

And sometimes, I catch myself thinking, I thought this was supposed to be better by now. I didn’t think my soul would still feel weary.

But that’s what happens when we expect things of this world to get better and suddenly fix our problems . . . we face disappointment. Because this world is broken. The people we do life with are broken. Our very own lives and attempt at perfection are broken.

So what do we do when our souls feel weary because of the brokenness of this world? We turn to the Creator of our being—we were, after all, made in His image, and therefore, at our very core beneath all the brokenness, our soul reflects Him. And in Him, we find our refuge.

We are reminded that our souls can find rest only in Him. He is the only firm and stable rock on which to build our lives—not politics or policies or people. And in Him, we cannot be shaken because His eternal hope cannot be destroyed. We recognize that although our emotions lead us to believe we are worth only what others say about us, our salvation and honor depend solely on God.

We trust in Him . . . even in the middle of this.

We pour out our hearts to Him, revealing every awful struggle, every painful tear, and every angry thought. And then we take refuge in His love—a love that will never abandon our weary souls.

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