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When the World Leaves You Feeling Empty, Fill Your Soul with God

It’s an empty feeling—looking ahead into the unknown, uncertain of what’s coming. It leaves a gaping hole in our souls that cries out, begging us to fill it with something. Anything.

We turn on the news, fear and anxiety fill the hole. Devastation here, chaos there, rising numbers, hurting people, pain is inevitable.

The emptiness is filled but without relief.

Surely, our family can fill the empty space. The smiles on our children’s faces, an embrace from our husband, time spent together as a family. Oh, but they are imperfect people—scowls replace smiles, sweet embraces fade into the space between, busyness devours moments together.

The empty feeling remains.

We try to fill it ourselves. If we just stay busy enough, distracted enough, then we can simply ignore it. Maybe we can fill it with chocolate, tacos, ice cream, coffee, wine. Or social media—we can laugh at funny memes, read encouraging stories, connect with people.

Ugh. Still empty.

Life slows down when the lights go out and the distractions fade into the darkness. Lying in bed, the emptiness still cries out, begging to be filled. The food, caffeine, alcohol provide a fleeting feeling of being filled but leave us bloated by unmet expectations. Social media is a double-edged sword that slices through the emptiness with one stroke, leaving another gap where we’ve noticed the lack of emptiness in other’s highlight reels.

And so we sit—empty with longing souls, hungry for good things.

We sit and we pray.


Hear the crying of my soul. Fill these empty spaces in ways only you can.

When this empty feeling threatens to defeat me, remind me of the victory I already have in you.

Remind me that your love fills the gaping hole—a love so deep that you gave your only Son to die for me. A love so powerful, it raised Jesus from the dead to offer eternal salvation.

Remind me of your sovereignty—even when evil appears to be winning, Lord, we know nothing is out of your hands. You are not surprised by the mess we’re in, saddened but not surprised. Though this is not your design, you will weave goodness from it.

Lord, remind me of your hope. A hope that cannot be fulfilled in a leader or a cure or even worldly peace, but a hope in the promise and beauty and perfection of Heaven.

Thank you for the way you love us and never leave us. Thank you for hearing our cries and answering them again and again and again.

Father, I pray that you would fill empty souls on this earth with the presence of your Holy Spirit. I pray that eyes would be opened and hearts softened so they can see, understand, and accept the message of salvation.

In your will, through your power, and for your glory,


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