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Before my husband introduced me to TobyMac, Newsboys, Third Day, and even Skillet, my idea of Christian music was the hymnal found in the pews of church. While I love those classics, popular Christian music has become an invaluable part of my life. Our radios and phones are constantly playing Air 1, K-Love, or, locally, My Bridge Radio.


Time and time again, the right song plays at exactly the right moment. The encouragement and life-speaking truths of Christian music reach my soul. I want to share that with you.


Periodically, I’ll share music here that has found its way into my favorites list. Join me in connecting with our Lord through music that brings glory to Him.

In My Playlist

On My Shelf

As a busy mom I had determined that reading was a luxury  I just didn’t have time for. Then, I struggled to sleep, so I started to read. I chose a fiction book, allowing me to escape my busy mind for just a bit, set a timer, and routinely read for 15 minutes each night. Reading was no longer a luxury but a part of my schedule. 


Though he read very few books throughout his high school and college careers, my husband developed a passion for reading leadership and personal growth books. Soon, he was suggesting books to me, so we bought a bookshelf. 


And, here I am, virtually sharing my bookshelf with you.

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