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Waiting and Trusting the God Who Has Good Things Planned

I normally walk on the treadmill every morning. But today, I reached up for the key only to find the hook empty. I did a quick search of the logical places I may have left it but came up empty. So I grabbed my sweatshirt and headed outside.

What began as annoyance, frustration in a change of plans, quickly turned into praise and thankfulness.

I needed to be outside this morning—to hear the birds and feel the wind and watch the sun spread its light over our small town.

I needed the reminder that spring and all the life and beauty that come with it are a result of waiting and trusting.

The lifeless-looking trees sit bare during the long winter, waiting and trusting they will bud again.

The birds quieted by the cold and the snow, wait and trust that warms spring air will once again fill their lungs with song.

The squirrels rely on a diminishing supply of food, waiting and trusting on the abundance of nourishment coming again.

All of nature waits and trusts for God’s timing and provision. Yet, so often, I struggle through the waiting.

Instead of trust, my heart fills with doubt.

Instead of expectation, I face fear.

But today I was reminded that the same God who opens His hands to the natural world He created will also open His hands to me, His unique and chosen creation. And I, too, will be satisfied with good things my Creator had planned all along.

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