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When You Find Yourself Slipping, God Is There to Support You

I remember a day at the playground a few years ago when my fearless, adventurous toddler decided she was suddenly big enough to climb the curved ladder bars.

I looked over to see her on the third bar and quickly moved to her side as she continued to climb. Reaching for the final bar, her foot slipped. My hands were there to catch her and ease her onto the platform.

How often has God seen me slip and rushed to my side? How many times has He calmed my doubts and replaced them with His comfort? I can easily remember the times He has been faithful to me, holding steady as I slipped.

Yet, again and again, I find myself slipping. And so many times I think I can catch myself. I reach out for the things within my reach. I reach for physical rest in a nap, I reach for comfort in a cup of coffee, I reach for fulfillment in working harder.

Or maybe worse yet, I don’t reach for anything at all. I feel my feet slipping and I just sink into the fall. Feeling like there’s nothing I can do to stop it, so why even bother. Having fallen, I sit on the ground, allowing hopelessness to invade my heart.

Sometimes I forget to cry out. To say, “God, I feel my feet slipping and I need You.” He’s there, waiting to catch me, support me, comfort me, encourage me. I don’t have to catch myself or sink to the ground in defeat. I simply have to ask and allow Him to support and comfort me.

Lord, Thank You for always being by my side, ready to support me when I slip. I’m sorry I’ve failed to cry out to You. Lord, I’m slipping now. I can feel the unsteadiness of my feet. and I’m afraid of the fall. Father, in Your strength, help me find my feet again. Support me when I feel too weak to take another step. Ease the doubts that fill my mind and cause my feet to stumble. Comfort me with Your love, hope, and cheer. Renew me and help me walk confidently on the path You’ve created for me. In Your will, through Your power, and for Your glory, Amen

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