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Doing Good Is Hard

Doing good in marriage is hard. It’s serving and loving our spouse every day, not just when he’s on our good side.⁣

Doing good as a parent is hard. It’s making difficult decisions, correcting the same negative behaviors over and over again, and staying calm when everything inside you is threatening to explode.⁣

Doing good is hard when the path God’s led you down doesn’t fit your expectations, when the times you ask why outnumber the answers.⁣

Doing good is hard when doubt settles in. It’s hard to keep moving forward in obedience when you feel like the task ahead is impossible. ⁣

Doing good is hard when your work feels mundane and pointless, when the good you do goes unrecognized.⁣

Doing good is hard. And so often, our souls become weary doing the work of the Lord because the work doesn’t feel big enough or significant enough or valued enough. When it doesn’t feel like our work is rewarded, we get tired of doing it. ⁣

Satan likes weary souls. Because weary souls want to quit. And Satan knows what we often forget: the work our weary souls do for the Lord has an eternal impact, one we cannot possibly understand this side of Heaven.⁣

So, friend, if you are growing weary of doing good on this earth, in this life, remember we weren’t made exclusively for this life. Our God sees the weary work you’re doing, and He has a harvest planned. A harvest that would not be possible without the work you are doing right now. Even in your weariness, don’t give up.⁣

Lord, ⁣

I’m growing weary down here. Father, please revive my spirit, breathe your life into me and help me persist in the work You’ve called me to. When frustration and doubt make me want to give up, I pray that Your Holy Spirit will push me forward, one step at a time. Thank you for choosing me to serve you. May the work I do bring glory and honor to You. ⁣

In Jesus' Name,


*Want to join me in meditating on God’s Word this week? Save these words as your lock screen. Write them on a notecard and place them somewhere you’ll see them during your day. Throughout the week, recite them to your kids, your spouse, or a friend. When we focus on His word, He will use it to produce results in our lives. ⁣

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