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I Don't Know What Lies Ahead, But I Trust God Is There

A recent snowstorm reminded me of similar days just over a year ago. Snowdays and cancellations were the norm during those last couple of weeks of January 2020. We made plans with the constant disclaimer: depending on the weather.

One of those plans was to treat my daughter and friends to a pedicure for her 13th birthday. The morning of the scheduled trip (over an hour away), I jumped online to check the road conditions. The first check of the map showed partially covered roads along the entire route.

I had prepped the girls the night before for the possibility of needing to postpone because of weather and road conditions. I wanted to take them, but I wasn’t going to risk our safety for it. We all knew cancellation was a possibility. Thankfully, the road crews were hard at work and the highways were cleared in time for us to head out.

That map of road conditions kind of got to me, though. How many times have I asked for a similar map for my life?

God, can you give me a preview of the road ahead?

Lord, show me—what are the conditions like out there?

I’ve asked, but I don’t ever seem to get what I’m looking for. There is no sudden glimpse into the future or a road report for what lies ahead.

And I think He has a reason. God created us in His image, but we don’t have His power. We can’t see it all.

And it’s for our good.

Because if I saw that the road ahead wasn’t in perfect condition, I wouldn’t go. I’d keep my safe self sitting at home, afraid to risk the rough roads ahead.

I wouldn’t choose love because I’d see the pain that comes with it.

I wouldn’t step out in faith because I’d see the great chasm of risk I had to leap over.

I wouldn’t choose to drive on the road God designed for me because I’d see the hard—the trials, struggles, and uncomfortable places. I wouldn’t go where God asks.

So, as much as I hate it, as much as I want a detailed map—I am grateful He hasn’t given me one.

Because His ways are perfect. He knows the plans He has for me. And He will work all things for my good and His glory.

Because of God's power, I can have faith in His purpose.

Instead of searching for the map of the road conditions ahead, I’ll trust His voice in the moment. I’ll take notice of His Spirit working in me—my internal GPS—guiding me through even the toughest conditions.

Instead of staying home, fearing what’s ahead, I’ll walk out the door and trust He knows better than me. I’ll trust that what I can’t see is hidden because it’s what is best for me.


I can't see what's ahead of me and it scares me. It makes me hesitant to take a step forward. But, God, I trust that You see all that is ahead of me and that Your plans are good. Father, help my unbelief. Help me walk through the doors of fear and into Your plans for me. Thank You for the many ways You've been faithful in the past as I stepped out in obedience. Thank You for the way You love me and that You walk beside me. Help me to take risks for You.

In Jesus' Name,


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